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Anime Lanyard

Get your hands free with this great anime lanyard that holder an id badge from demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba. The perfect accessory for any anime fan, this lanyard has a cool design and is also strong and durable.

Best Anime Lanyard

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Anime Lanyard Walmart

This anime lanyard is perfect for those looking for a stylish and function-rich lanyard. It is made of materials that are in demand such as multicolor id badge holder and light character. The lanyard has a modern look and feel that is perfect for any anime enthusiast or death note enthusiast. this lanyard is for the anime series "anime series themed id badge holder lanyard". The series is themed around the character kimetsu no yaiba. The lanyard provides an opportunity for the user with an interest in kimetsu no yaiba to gain information about the character and his skills. The lanyard also provides an opportunity for the user with an interest in kimetsu no yaiba to gain skills from the character. the anime lanyard is the perfect way to show your anime pride. This necklace will at least penetrate the top 5% of all clothing items as well as beiren 1 more way to 1st-time anime fans. The keychain size and look is only 6. 5 cm x 4. 5 cm. The anime fashionista feeling will last all night long. this anime lanyard has the perfect solution for those who want to be a demon slayer. It is made of durable leather and has a quick release system so that it can be easily taken on or off. The key hole is also large enough to fit a small key ring.