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Paracord Water Bottle Lanyard

This unique lanyard has aparacord running through it in order to act as a water bottle. The lanyard is also side release and can be worn on the left or right side. The black and green colors are choices of your choice. The lanyard is perfect for carrying water or snacks with you when you're out and about.

Best Paracord Water Bottle Lanyard

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Paracord Water Bottle Lanyard Ebay

This new black khaki style water bottle handle is perfect for those who are looking for a unique water bottle clasps. It is made of heavy weight stainless steel and has a keepsake lanyard hole in the center. This perfect for people who want to remember who made their paracord water bottle handle. this lanyard is made out of new handcrafted hiking paracord and has a black water bottle handle. It is also made out of a black strap side release buckle and has a white paracord wordmark on the right side. It is about the size of a small water bottle and has a comfortable shoulder strap. thisparacord keychain is made from 100% braidaged chain and is essential for using with water bottles. It is also perfect for logos or dangling from a key ring. this lanyard is a great way to keep your water bottle within easy reach. The paracord water bottle lanyard has a comfortable, concurrent fit and provides a strong and the t10 water bottle lanyard has a water-fit paracord handle that makes it easy to wear. The long, comfortable cable makes it easy to artery clogging. And keep your water bottle within reach.